Taxation at a glance

Income Tax

Colorado now ranks ninth lowest of all states that have Corporate Income Tax, at a flat 4.63%. This was reduced nearly nine years ago from 4.75%.

Sales Tax

  • City of Rifle sales tax rate: 4.25%
  • Town of New Castle sales tax rate: 3.5%
  • Town of Parachute sales tax rate: 3.75%
  • Town of Silt sales tax rate: 3%
  • Garfield County sales tax rate: 1%
  • State of Colorado sales tax rate: 2.9%

Property Tax

Property tax is imposed at the county level in Colorado. Commercial and industrial property is assessed at 29% of market value and taxes are calculated in Garfield County. For more information on the calculation of property tax liability and rebate options, please contact the RREDC or the Garfield County Assessor’s Office.

For more information about Colorado taxes, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Transportation Tax

Garfield County Rural Transportation Authority: 1%