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Energy Village

An Energy Village provides businesses high visibility, and helps showcase a commitment to independent energy and sustainable practices.
The vision for the Rifle Energy Innovation Center shines as a highly visible showcase for economically implementable alternative power sources, such as photovoltaic and passive solar energy. A Co-Gen plant here would generate a stable, reliable, and redundant energy and technology infrastructure for many new economy industries.
View Rifle’s Energy Village Plan (PDF)

As both a western River Town and a healthy Energy Village, Rifle, Colorado is primed for energy independence and economic stability. Rifle is a unique western community that is embracing the energy of its place – including tremendous opportunities to grow, add jobs, and declare energy independence with off-grid technology. This community aims to sustain not only its balanced local economy, but its historic downtown…its classic mining and ranching history…its river, recreational and tourism assets…and its idyllic quality of life.

Rifle straddles the Colorado River, and lies at the foot of the Roan Plateau – a geographic formation containing some of the world’s largest deposits of natural gas and oil shale. This unique regional economic center is building on its diverse place-based assets.

Today, Rifle is investing in alternative strategies to ensure a long-term, balanced and diverse economy that can supply reliable energy, innovation, and employment to the region and for a healthy cross-section of businesses. By actively committing to a forward-thinking strategy of renewable sources and distributed energy, this community is becoming a Tech and Energy Showcase.

River Town

Rifle’s unique character has been shaped by a ranching and mining past. Downtown Rifle offers typical western small town atmosphere, with antique shops, dining, and historic museums. Residents appreciate that Rifle is much more than quaint; it’s a complete living and working town that offers a unique way of life. It’s a regional economic center, and an ideal environment to draw ideas, intellectual capital, and investments to the region.
Rifle proudly embraces stewardship of its part of the river & watershed. As a gateway to Rifle’s historic downtown, the River also adds greatly to the quality of life for those who call this place home.