Old vs New Oil


We Support Responsible Oil and Natural Gas Development and We Oppose Energy Bans and Patchwork Regulations

We agree with the seven principles below regarding oil and natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. These principles are paramount to a vibrant and successful oil and natural gas industry in Colorado.

  1. The oil and gas industry is a key driver of Colorado’s economy. In 2012, the industry supported over 111,000 Colorado jobs, more than $29 billion in economic activity and almost $1.6 billion in public revenue.
  2. Colorado is a recognized national leader in energy regulation. We have the most comprehensive and stringent environmental rules in the nation, including rules that require disclosure and ensure the safety and transparency of fracking.
  3. Fracking has been safely used in Colorado for more than 60 years and more than 90 percent of all wells today are fracked. Fracking is a transformational technology, opening up more than 100-years supply of domestic natural gas.
  4. Policymakers and the public should rely on science, facts and data to guide discussion, not scare tactics and hyperbole.
  5. Development of natural gas is indispensable to the continued expansion of wind, solar and other renewable forms of energy in the state. Because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine, natural gas is an integral backup energy source- a cornerstone of Colorado’s “all of the above” energy policy.
  6. Colorado should continue to regulate oil and gas development in a comprehensive, statewide manner, rather than a patchwork quilt of inconsistent regulations.
    A comprehensive and consistent approach to oil and gas development is the best and only way to ensure that Colorado protects our natural environment while remaining an inviting place for current and future energy investment.
  7. We oppose attempts to politicize energy regulation, enact wholesale energy bans or create regulatory chaos by repealing Colorado’s traditional statewide approach to energy regulation.

Leading industry & opportunity

Major Employers

Western Garfield County has several leading employers that keep to keep our communities strong and vibrant. According to Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment, leading employers of Western Garfield County are in the occupation fields of construction, health care and social assistance, education, accommodation and food services, and mining. Leading regional employers include:

Grand River Hospital District
Colorado Mountain College
Garfield County RE2 School District
Williams Energy Services