Identifying potential target markets

  • Oil and Gas Supply: Western Garfield County’s largest market.
  • Food Processing: Possibly hay palletizing process.
  • Technology: Utilization of Colorado Mountain College programs
  • Ski Industry: Equipment and manufacturing
  • Gun Manufacturing: Scopes
  • Front Range Satellite: Recruitment of Front Range companies for a reason to be on Western side of Colorado.
  • Energy Projects
  • Sporting Goods: Rafting, climbing, sporting store
  • Medical: Supplies
  • Trail Head Opportunities: OHV tourism, retail
  • Outlet Mall: I-70 utilization
  • Business Professionals: Recruitment to downtown for business professionals
  • Sewing Manufacturing

Farm and Oil

Photo credit: Ryan Mackley

Business and Industry

The foundation of our region’s economy has historically been agriculture, tourism, and energy production. These industries continue to provide employment opportunities today in tandem with the addition of new business sectors.

Developing Business Opportunities

Focused on Western Garfield County’s key place-based opportunities, RREDC is promoting strategic economic clusters including tourism, agriculture, alternative energy, and high tech industries, as well as the businesses that support them.

Attracting Diverse Industries

Western Garfield County has the resources to support business growth in many sectors. Our focus is on filling needed retail and gaining support for alternative and renewable energy industries so that we may help build sustainable growth. RREDC is helping to build a diverse, balanced economy that supplies reliable energy, innovation, and employment to the region for the long-term through a healthy cross-section of businesses.

Cultivating Sustainable Solutions

Western Garfield County is rapidly becoming a more eco-friendly and energy efficient region through green development, reduced energy consumption, and infrastructure improvements. RREDC is committed to making our valley a showcase for forward-thinking strategies of renewable resources and distributed energy. Rifle’s Energy Innovation Center will incubate select businesses whose purpose is to create sustainable energy solutions, which we hope to expand the benefits of such to our neighboring communities.